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FAQS Related to Online Therapy

We understand and appreciate your concerns and will like to answer all your questions. We have provided here a list of questions that we usually get fromm our clients along with our answers. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.

Appointments are usually available within a few weeks of contacting us. However, under special circumstances we can schedule an appointment sooner.
We require at least 48 hours advance notice if you are unable to keep the scheduled appointment. Clients are expected to be financially responsible for the sessions that are canceled with less than 24 hours notice.
We do accept most of the major insurance plans, Please contact us to confirm about your specific plan. If we do not accept your plan, we will be happy to help you get reimbursed. We will provide you with the procedure codes and a receipt which you can file with your insurance company directly and get reimbursed.

Online Therapy

Online therapy is an effective, convenient, and safe way to get the help you need to live a healthy and happy life. Please contact us at your earliest convenience and start the recovery process.

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